Taist is a tool to add custom functionality to cloud applications

Taist allows to create addons - bundles of Javascript code that are injected to a target application’s web page via our browser extension

What you can do with Taist:

  • add new features: custom fields to existing entities, whole new entities that interact with existing ones, custom actions and workflows
  • extend an existing workflow - add new steps or condition checks
  • automate repeatedly executed tasks - solve them with less number of human actions
  • manipulate several applications - execute tasks using only one application instead of switching between several ones, copy-pasting data, etc.

Why create addons with Taist

We aim to make addons development an important part of the whole cloud software industry, so we create Taist as a powerful platform that helps you in every aspect of the addon development.


  • Taist SDK solves common development tasks like:
    • storing data (with different access levels)
    • integrating into the native UI of a target application
    • communicating with any external services
  • Taist platform solves all the administrative tasks like addons deployment and updating, user management, etc.
  • Rapid development is ensured with features like IDE integration or Github integration

In the future:

  • Marketplace will allow to make money with addons: sell paid addons and get clients for custom ones
  • Maintenance system will help you mange the whole addons lifecycle with tools like automated testing and error reporting

Next steps:


  • just write us to tell what sucks or what you like or to ask any question you have