Hello, world!

The usual way is developing addon locally and then publishing it to our server. So we will start from creating the simplest addon locally.

1. Clone addon repository from Github

2. Install extension:

  • Install our Chrome extension
  • Click on the extension icon to log in

3. Activate addon:

  • Click on extension icon again and then on “Local addon development”
  • Follow instructions there to give file access permissions
  • Open “Local addon development” page again
  • Turn addon ON
  • Press Choose file and a new tab with your file system will open; use it to find and choose the file hello_world.manifest in the addon repository folder

4. Success!

  • Visit Github: the page background should become dark and a Hello, world! alert should appear
  • open browser console - you should see several lines prefixed with [Taist] that report on successful addon launch, including addon’s message Hello, console!
  • You have created your first taist addon. Now learn how it works and how to add some useful functionality to it.