Why Taist

Everything you can do with Taist you can technically do without it by creating custom browser extensions or GreaseMonkey scripts.

But you will have to solve lots of tasks that are already solved in Taist - creating, deploying and administering browser extension, creating backend for data storage and server logic, user provisioning, etc.

Taist reduces your development and maintenance costs on orders of magnitude by solving all the secondary tasks and allowing you to focus on business logic and giving tools to easily manage and maintain it.

Some of Taist advantages:

  • no need to create and maintain browser extension - just plain Javascript code, easily deployed and maintained
  • built-in tools for easy development, deployment and support of addons
  • out of the box features like
    • data storage with different access levels - user-based, company-based
    • user provisioning
    • integration into target web applications UI
    • support of cross-origin requests and Content Security Policy