How it works


Taist uses addons - bundles of Javascript and CSS that are injected into the target web pages. Each addon is launched on a specific website and usually implements a single enhancement or feature.

Anybody who knows Javascript can create addons.

How it works

  • When you visit any web page our browser extension detects whether you have any addons that should be launched on it
  • If such addons exists, our extension injects them to the page when it starts loading

What can addons do:

  • As a part of page: addon code is executed in the scope of the page and is considered by the browser as just another piece of that page, so an addon can: * communicate with website server without any additional authentication - all the auth cookies for its requests are sent automatically by the browser as if those requests were made by original code * reuse original frontend code - call and modify it in any way needed * modify original DOM and CSS
  • As Taist addon it gets access to addons SDK that provides it useful features: * communication with any external server regardless of website restrictions * data storage * convenient ways of integration into the original UI and logic of a web page